Pokemon Snack Chocolate Puffs, 23g


Pikachu shaped corn snack and a collectable, high-quality Pokémon sticker - each sticker features 1 of 40 Pokémon designs which are placed within the box at random - which one will you get?

There's only one way to find out!

Made by the Japanese confectionery company Tohato, these snacks are high quality, with a crispy texture and a muted sweet taste from the cocoa flavour!

  • Adorable Pikachu shaped chocolate flavoured corn puffs
  • Each box also contains 1 sticker out of 40 designs to collect!
  • Pokéball inspired packaging with Pikachu themed inner packet

Price: 3,79€
164,78 €/kg


Corn grits, sugar, vegetable oil, margarine (milk), cocoa powder, sweetened milk, caramel sauce, salt, cream (milk), fermented flavoured powder, lactose (milk), cocoa mass, whole milk powder, protein hydrolyzate, wheat, caramel colouring, eggshell calcium, emulsifier (soybean), trehalose. Store in a cool, dry place. Suitable for vegetarians.